Editing makes a straight line out of a knot. Making knots is easy, untangling them can be tricky. What’s needed is an analysis that is canny, informed, systematic and thorough. What’s needed is a professional editing service. Readable is accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors and specialises in structural editing, copy-editing and proofreading. Contact us for a free quote.  



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In 2017, Melbourne was again ranked the world's most liveable city – a well deserved accolade for the Victorian Government, which has carefully guided Melbourne’s development.

Its Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, which leads planning policy and strategy for the city, hired Readable to edit two business cases. The first proposed investment in a ‘transit city hub’; the second outlined plans for managing Melbourne’s growth. 

The challenge? To present complex assessments, budgets and statistics in a way that clearly articulated the merits of each case while achieving a consistent ‘voice’ in documents written by more than a dozen authors.

After considering the submissions, Cabinet approved some of the proposed investments while rejecting others. Judicious decisions, it appears, for a city that continues to rank number one for liveability. 



International aid agency Oxfam has worked in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for close to 40 years. Together they’re committed to helping Indigenous Australians realise their rights, including the right to self-determination.

A report published by Oxfam and edited by Readable finds that, over the longer term, many of the fundamental rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have not progressed. It argues this is largely due to successive governments’ failure to genuinely include Indigenous Australians in decision-making.

The report has been publicly welcomed by Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, who has committed Labor to studying its findings and recommendations. Oxfam has also successfully used the report to inspire Australians to sign a petition calling on the Prime Minister to stand with Australia’s First Peoples.

Readable wishes Oxfam every success with its plans to use the report in ongoing advocacy to engage MPs and the Federal Government.

Photography: Image Workshop

Photography: Image Workshop


The Financial Ombudsman Service is well known for its dispute resolution service but it also supports independent committees to monitor compliance with codes of practice in the financial services industry. 

Its Code Compliance and Monitoring team, FOS Code, collects and analyses code compliance data for the banking, customer owned banking, general insurance and insurance broking industries. Its challenge is to clearly communicate what this data means for financial services providers, consumers and regulators – all with a vested interest in a strong financial system.

FOS Code hired Readable to help it present its compliance results in annual reports for the four industries. This involved collaborating with compliance managers, data analysts and designers to write, edit and format the content, and ensure reporting requirements were met.

These reports are realising their intended outcome. According to FOS stakeholder satisfaction surveys, FOS Code’s compliance reporting and analysis is highly regarded by industry, consumer advocates and regulators, and is helping financial services providers to achieve service standards Australians can trust.

”Melanie Scaife has an uncanny ability to craft your message in a way that is guaranteed to hit the mark with your audience.”
— Robert McGregor, Compliance Manager, Financial Ombudsman Service/CCMC