Building trust in financial services

The client

The Financial Ombudsman Service Code Compliance and Monitoring team (FOS Code) supports financial service providers to achieve service standards Australians can trust.  It does this by working with independent committees to monitor compliance with codes of practice in the financial services industry.

 The challenge

FOS Code collects and analyses code compliance data for the banking, customer owned banking, general insurance and insurance broking industries. Its challenge is to effectively communicate what this data means for financial services providers, consumers and regulators – all with a vested interest in a strong financial system.

 FOS Code hired me to help it wring meaning from the data and present it in annual reports for these four industries. This involved working with compliance managers, data analysts and designers to write edit and format the content, and ensure we met reporting requirements.

The outcome

FOS Code’s annual compliance reports offer in-depth analysis of code compliance within the Australian financial services industry, and are highly valued by both industry, consumer advocates and regulators.